Long-Haired German Shepherd And Puppies Care Guide

Dogs can be cute and a ton of fun to hang around with, but they can also be a handful to care for and take care of. The long-haired German Shepherd is not an exception. Because of the long hair this German Shepherd has, it sure can be something when you’re bathing and grooming this dog.

Not to worry, with this article, you will know how to clean this dog and to care for them.

What Is A Long-Haired German Shepherd?

Long-Haired German Shepherd Guide

Long-haired German Shepherds are part of the family of the German Shepherd. But they have longer hairs than other German Shepherds (as the name implies).

Max von Stephanitz created this breed of German Shepherd. But he was not interested in the look of the dog, he wanted a brave and independent dog.

So here are some traits of the long-haired German Shepherd you should know of;

Physical Appearance

The hair of this breed of German Shepherds is longer than the regular German Shepherd (you already knew that). But this trait makes them unique and different when compared to the regular or short-haired German Shepherds.

This trait is the significant difference between the long and short-haired German Shepherd. Because aside from all that hair, there is not much difference between them.

For the male Long-Haired German Shepherd, their hair tends to grow, as long as up to 24/26 inches long, and can weigh up to 66/88 pounds.

The female hair tends to grow up to 22/24 inches and weigh as much as 51/73 pounds. This weight is its healthy weight.

Their difference remains with their long hair. But this breed of German Shepherds does not have an undercoat like the short-haired German Shepherd.

The hair is actually for the protection from the weather. So it might look beautiful, but it serves a function. The extra-long fur on this dog makes it terrible at hunting and herding.


This breed of dogs a very obedient and eager dog. And this trait is one of the characteristics that dog owners love about this dog. Its temperament compared to all the other breeds of German Shepherd is better and easy to control.

Yes, it is true that the temperament of this breed of German Shepherds is tolerable, it can still be better.

Dog owners also like the fact that the dog can relate with the family in no time as soon as it introduced to the family. They are perfect as indoor dogs, as they are very playful and can enjoy the companies of their owners.

They both loyal to their owner in obedience, but when the need arises for the dog to show their bravery (when they are confronted), then they will.

Health Issues

The diseases of the long-haired German Shepherd are like that of any other breed of German Shepherd. They are common diseases like epilepsy, elbow and hip dysplasia, digestive problem, and eczema (amongst others).

Now, you might want to know this. That the hip and elbow dysplasia is a genetic disease (meaning they are not as susceptible to this disease as other breeds of German Shepherds are). But the other health issues this dog may end up having will be a result of the careless breeding.

The average life expectancy of this dog is over 9/13 years, but careless breeding can shorten that age.

Taking the dog to the vet will help you to address the health issues. And some of the things they will do will be to do an x-ray on your dog. They will also do a blood test, and other physical examination to know what is wrong with the dog.

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Long Haired Shepherd Exercise

It shouldn’t come as a secret that the long-haired German Shepherd would need a lot of exercises (daily). This dog has lots of energy within that fur that it will like to spend, so you would need to definitely exercise with the dog daily.

It is true that this dog is perfect as an indoor dog. But they are also good outside. And it is pertinent that you balance their indoor and outdoor time for them to burn off that energy they pack within.

As a dog owner, when you have a long-haired German Shepherd, you will realize that there is no form of exercise that this dog can not pace-up to or reach. And if the dog can meet the pace of your workout session, then it should be something to be happy about.


Long Coat German Shepherd Grooming

It should not come as a surprise the amount of hair this dog can shed in a day. It only means that you have to be on constant clean up if you have this dog around. But you have to groom the dog daily if you want to have a healthy dog with a clean and healthy hair and skin.

How to groom a long-haired german shepherd?

The hair of the dog tends to get stuck and coiled up, seeing how long they are. Meaning you would have to keep a lint brush close by to be constantly grooming the dog.

Sometimes, the hair will still get stuck if not brushed, so you would have to be diligent when grooming this dog’s long hair. You’ll need to do a thorough brush-up twice a week. Using a metal brush that can cut through the entanglement and keep the hair healthy and free.

Bathing the dog should be done when it is necessary not like you would regular short-haired German Shepherd. If you notice debris and dirt on the dog’s hair, then the best thing to do is to brush it off. Before you bath the dog (which is after a long while).

The reason why you should not bath the dog regularly is that the hair of the Long-haired German Shepherd does not have enough natural oil to protect it against everyday bathing.

Also, clean their ears regularly; the wax from the ear can also make the hair around that area messy, so it is wise to locate and clean the hair around the ears.

The nail of the dog should be trimmed regularly by a professional dog nail trimmer. Because each time you take your dog outside, then they will have dirt stuck in their nail that would need cleaning.


Long Haired GSD Living Conditions


One thing to know about this dog is that they are very emotional. And they tend to have a profound emotional attachment to their owners. And as such, they need this form of love constantly. The reason for this is because they are indoor dogs and will need the love of their owners when they are indoors.

But you can maximize this quality as this dog’s owner, and give it the best of the two worlds (both indoor and outdoor living conditions).

When you’re breeding a long-haired German Shepherd, you should keep it indoors. Where it will be safe from natural elements like the weather. Since its body build is not built for weather protection.

As this dog’s owner, it is your responsibility to create a safe spot indoor for your dog. A place the dog can identify on its own.

Thus, a size-fit dog house for the dog, with a bed and a movable gate the dog can call its small space would do the trick just fine. You could either build or buy a dog house, (it is up to you) that will fit the dog, a crate or house that the dog and stand and stretch.

A crate that makes the dog feel comfortable and at home.

While you keep the dog indoors for the better part of the day, you could also take the dog out for some exercises and fun. It will be good for the dog.



This dog is a very active dog and will need a lot of training and exercise to keep it satisfied.

Daily training is recommended for the dog. You can take it on hikes and adventure works. You could also take it to the park and play with it.

They would need plenty of walking. Which can be done during the day or at night, (whichever suits your schedule).

They like the idea of relaxing with their human family, so you should always make them feel welcome at home. Once they finally get outside, they can be very active. So it would be advisable to hold a leash so that you can use it if necessary.

Being clever dogs that they are, they know how to play simple games like fetch. This would keep them active and happy, so you should try playing that with them while in the park.


Short-Haired German Shepherd vs. Long-Haired German Shepherd


There are some things you should know about the long and short-haired German shepherd that makes them similar.


Both the long and the short-haired German Shepherd are gorgeous dogs. And they have the same kind of stature.

They both have large heads and have lots of strength in their jaws. Their ears are also both pointed and stand straight and can pick even the fainted noise from nearby areas.

When they are both pups, the ears are floppy but become straight when they grow up

They both have medium-sized eyes, which are brown, and they look intelligent when you look at the eyes.

How Big Do Long-Haired German Shepherd Get?

This breed of German Shepherds grows according to sex, with the male being bigger than the female.

An adult male can grow in height, 24/26 inches (about 61 to 66 centimeters). And weighs a staggering 66/88 pounds (equal to 30/40kg).

An adult female is smaller and grows in height, 22/24 inches (56/66cm), and can weigh up to 51/73 pounds (over 23/33kg).

This breed stops growing after 9 months, below that age, they are still puppies.

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Acceptance of the Long-Haired German Shepherd

The look of the Fluffy German Shepherd is different from the standard German Shepherd. Which means they were not accepted as the standard German Shepherd.

Thus they had to fight for their acceptance over the years, and that fight is still ongoing. Advocacy groups are becoming more prevalent in the acceptance of the long-haired German Shepherd. To be able to compete in dog competitions.

This breed of German Shepherd is very loyal and intelligent. They grow strong and can work as a rescue dog and police dog. This dog is not yet fully accepted, but it is hoped that one day, it will be accepted.


Is the Long-Haired German Shepherd Right For Your Family?

This breed of German Shepherd is a very emotional dog, so it is perfect for the family. It makes a great companion both indoors and outdoors. And if you’re one for outdoor adventure, this loyal friend will stick to you all the way.

For those pet owners who have a cat (or any other smaller animal), then you should NOT get this dog, it is not for you. If you also do not know how to track the health of your dog, or for those couch potato out there, try not to get this dog.

There are dog owners who care about the well-being of their pets and have time to play with it. Rather than sit around all day, making the dog feel bored.

So all in all, this dog is perfect for a family that will love and cares for. It is good for kids, but you should not get this dog if you’re allergic to dogs.



Dogs like this are very delicate and can easily get sick, so you would need to take proper care of this dog as a dog owner.

You will give the dog its prescribed meal, groom it, and also show it a lot of love, and affection. Try as much as possible to give the daily dog exercise and also try to groom the nails of the dog as well.

To have a healthy dog, you must do the work.

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