The German Shepherd Husky Mix (WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW)

Cross-bred dogs are usually a lot cuter and stronger (in immunity) than straight breeds, because of all the genetic transfusion; however, don’t look at it from that point of view, look at it more from the angle of mixing strawberry with whipped cream, or syrup and pancakes.

When you blend these two sets of groceries, what you get is a mouthwatering delight. The same thing goes for the German shepherd husky mix. Looking at it from the angle of food mixing; on their own, they’re pretty high, but together, it’s a whole new world altogether.


Introduction to the Husky and German shepherd mix (A.K.A the GERBERIAN SHEPSKY)

German Shepherd Husky Mix

The German shepherd husky mix is the perfect hybrid, that gives you the cute and fierce look of a wolf, but the gentle nature of a pet dog (depending on the level of home training you give it), that you can play catch with.

Please don’t get me wrong, they may be kept as home pets but, they are inherently intelligent, outright fearless, and physically wolf-like.

There are some speculations to the fact that this hybrid dog is kind of new to the dog world, not then again some records show that the breed was created during the 80s for championship games and aesthetic sports.

Today, the dog is one of the most popular canines on the planet, for a number of reasons; they are beautiful; the fact that the security forces (police, homeland security, SSS, CIA, FBI), use this dog like police dogs. They are also ski dogs. Because of the popular usage of the dog, both the dog registry of America and the American canine hybrid club gives recognition to this dog.

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Gene Build-Up of the German Shepherd Husky Mix (the German Shepherd and the Siberian Husky)

The gene build-up of the dog is that of the German shepherd and the Siberian husky. Both these dogs are unique in their way (much like the strawberry and the whipped cream), but they share a similar quality.

For instance, they are both robust and reliable, they are an intelligent breed of dogs, and they are adorable. Together they form this quick, smart, strong, and very fierce dog, making it one of the most useful dogs on the planet.

The parent gene in the German Shepherd Husky Mix is the German shepherd (GSD) gene. Most of the traits you see in the mix are predominantly that of the German Shepherds’. The smart, quick, and intelligent characteristics are a product of the German Shepherd, while other traits like the loving, friendly, heavy lifting traits are predominantly that of the Siberian Husky.

Although the Siberian Husky is also intelligent, they are not so much as the German Shepherd. You could say, the GERMAN SHEPHERD HUSKY MIX gene is in even distribution, even though we try to make the German Shepherd Gene the Parent Gene.

Both German Shepherd and the Siberian Husky are generally beautiful. They each have beautiful fur, brightly colored eyes, and huge front and back legs that give them so much stamina on the ground. Their canine teeth are as sharp as a razor and can cut through the thick skin.

To understand the gene differentiation better, how about we look at both the German Shepherd and the Siberian Husky differently.

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German Shepherds

german shepherd

The German shepherd is a breed of dog that comes from Germany (hence the name) and was used for various tasks, such as carrier dogs, messenger dogs, and even police dogs (mentioned above).

In the wild, the dog is a herding dog, moving in packs and attacking prey skillfully and intelligently. Because of their pack formation, the dogs were now trained and used as carrier dogs, but their demand went down after the rise of industrialization.

Seeing that they utilized only one aspect of the German Shepherd (as carrier dogs), breeders of the dog, started breeding the dogs for police and military use, or guard dogs, or messengers, and sentries; this was during the cold war.

Today, German Shepherds are one of the most reliable dogs on the planet, in that, they are energetic, smart, hardworking, and very loyal as companions. This breed of dog may seem aggressive at first, but that should not scare you; as a reserved dog, it doesn’t like mixing up with new people, so it may just remain quiet and un-alarming.


Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky is also one of the breeds that were used during the cold war. They were heavy lifters and could pull loads as heavy as them or even more cumbersome, thanks to their sturdy legs.

They come from the Siberian arctic, harsh land in which they thrived to develop their superior strength (from other Dogs I mean).

The mix can’t thrive in warm areas because of both the German shepherd and the Siberian Husky like Texas or California, because both breeds are climatically conditioned to cold regions.

The Huskies are so strong that they can cover a large area of land, even with sleds and deliveries on their back, meaning they add to the mix, the trait of endurance and strength. Since 1930, the American kennel club recognized this breed of dog. Even in Canada, the dog is gaining so much popularity as one of the most lovable dogs around.

This breed of dogs, much like the German Shepherd is a pack dog, and usually lives as a family, both in the wild and as a pet dog; it’s a natural thing.


Other traits of the German Shepherd Husky Mix

We will consider the temperament of both breeds of the mix.

The German shepherd temperament

Before the German Shepherd became a military and carrier dog, it was once a sheepdog; this was around the late 1800s where the use of the dogs for a military purpose was not well defined. From 1800 to 1930, there must have been some dramatic change for the sheep loving German Shepherd, to the war breed weapon (still lovable though).

Well, because of the German Shepherd’s loyalty and companionship, and their ability to learn trick and skills fast, some military personnel thought it wise to make warriors out of them. But you don’t have to worry about this dog; it is a brilliant breed amongst dogs so that when it is around a kid, smaller pets, and even some recognizable strangers, it becomes more gentle and loving. The trait in temperament makes it suitable as a family pet.

Unlike the boxers or bulldogs, the German shepherd does not like being idle; it is not a couch warmer; it loves hard work and will become bored and anxious if you do not give it a task or play with it.


The Siberian Husky Temperament

It may look fierce and scary (much like a wolf) but the husky is one of the gentlest, and friendliest (not to forget loyal companion) dogs on the planet.

The Siberian husky is a dog designed to work. Over 3000 years back, a Siberian tribe, known as the CHUKCHI created the dog to do most of the heavy lifting and other tasking jobs that a dog can do.

Generally, Siberian Huskies are docile and loving; they get along with just about anyone and is a suitable pet for families, because of the way they are around children and small pets.

Just like the German shepherd, the Siberian husky cannot be left alone for hours without being given something to do or having someone or something to play with, it will become bored which is not so good for a dog of its breed.


The Look Of The Husky Shepherd Mix


Right from birth the look of the German Shepherd and the Husky breed is cute and adorable (then again so is all dogs), thus this hybrid should still retain that level of breath-taking, eye-watering cuteness, and it does perfectly.

An adult mix or ‘designer dog’ is also one of the cutest dogs on the planet. It has a very soft and silky fur, with at least two colors, that aesthetically blend into one another, making it look as glorious as ever.

An average German Shepherd Husky Mix can live up to 13 years, but if you can maintain a healthy lifestyle for your German Shepherd Husky Mix, then you’re looking at up to 18 years of loyal companionship, and get this; it still retains its beauty, however, over the years, its zeal for working will come down a notch. It grows up to 20-25 inches in height and can weigh up to 45-88 pounds.

Some notable mouth-watering colors of the German Shepherd Husky Mix are;

Blue, gray, white, golden, pepper, light brown, cream, and red. You can find two of these colors on the dog, (if you are lucky because they are hard to find), and this inevitably brings out the level of cuteness in them.

The coat of the dog may be extended or (German shepherd), short (Siberian husky), and always fluffy. The reason for this is because their climatic locations are usually in cold and drafty areas; thus the double coating will do well to protect them from the harsh weather. This breed sheds its fur moderately so don’t get upset when you are forced to brush off old coat once or twice a month

Another striking feature of the German Shepherd Husky Mix is the eye. The eyes of this breed are usually dual-colored, because, of the different kinds of the dogs, however, you cannot determine the color of the eye, but you can be sure that the colors of the eye are usually not the same.

They also have this habit of grinding their nail, don’t know why but probably for your safety, because if their nails are sharp and unkempt, it can give you some nasty scars.


Avoid Getting Mad

The first thing you need to know about this breed is that they get bored quickly. This means torn chairs, shoes, and broken furniture, so you shouldn’t get mad when you come back home and find that your boots are chewed off or that your fishbowl has no fish in it; don’t get mad when your mutt is naughty. You could avoid all the chewing if you get your dog a chew toy.

This miniature wolf are very active dogs, they have a great sense of detection, so that, they can search out anything; they are the dog version of Indiana Jones.

If you own a small pet, it is good that you take precaution, for both the German Shepherd Husky are great hunters and can run down a squirrel, rabbit, guinea pigs, and all other small creatures that are out there. So if you have a small pet at home, then keeping them out of reach from you GERBERIAN SHEPSKY should be one of your priorities.


The Hygiene and Dietary Needs of the German Shepherd Husky Mix

The GERBERIAN SHEPSKY is a very sensitive dog that needs all the attention available. It is a full-time job to keep this dog’s emotional, health, and belly needs to be met, not to talk about the expense to put this in place.

Hygiene is important

Where the dog is not adequately taken care of, then the dog may begin to experience some severe health issues, and it would lose its cuteness and striking peculiarity.

When the dog begins to experience some health issues, however, it could mean that the inherent illness peculiar to each particular breed of dog could be affecting the dog; gene variation is involved after all.

We all know that crossbred dogs are much healthier than regular purebred, but that doesn’t mean that inherent ailments are entirely ruled out. And because this is a breed mix, they may experience some health issues common to both the German Shepherd and the Siberian Husky.

Some of these ailments include;

Elbow and hips dysplasia.

They may also have eye problems including; juvenile cataract, which happens at the age of six (6), and can lead to blindness if it is very severe, corneal dystrophy, and progressive retinal atrophy.

When you neglect or fail to cater for the hygienic need of you German Shepherd Husky, then you will have to face the consequences that follow.


Diets Help To Build Strong Breeds

They are many meals you can feed your dog. There so many dog foods out there that you may feel is right for your dog; however, German Shepherd Husky Mix is a susceptible dog in that, it has a very delicate digestive tract.

So you would want to give it something that will be good for it, something, with enough protein to build the muscles and joint, fiber-filled carbohydrates like potato or peas, (or rice if you want), that provide the dog with the energy it needs.

It will also need some level of vitamins and minerals like the taurine in it that will help to protect the delicate immune system. Meals with antioxidants and prebiotics are also advised to be given to the dog.

Luckily, all the things listed above there, you can find in some top-notch dog food that is on Amazon, some of the tasty meals out there include;


Final Words On The German Shepherd Husky Mix

The GERBERIAN SHEPSKY is one of the most beautiful genetically altered creatures on the planet. Usually, genetic alterations like this most often than not end in a total disaster, but not this dog. From the fur to the eyes, to its buildup, and intelligence level, this dog has it all.

The prowess of this breed is a combination of Indiana Jones and Tom Cruise. The dog is very loyal, extremely active, highly intelligent and completely obedient, there is no falling short for this guy except for the fact that it is sometimes a military weapon, but you can’t blame the poor dog, it’s only doing its job.

This breed of dog is the right breed, and you sure would enjoy its company.

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