Best Collar for German Shepherd In 2023

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Your dog deserves the best accessories, and that goes for collars as well. Before now, collars on dogs were used for identification, but now collars have become glamorous.

German Shepherds, being a powerful dog, would mean that you would have to get a strong collar that you can attach your leash to. But no one said it couldn’t also look beautiful.

Now many GSD owners may begin to feel frustrated when they can’t find the right kind of collar for their GSD. But this shouldn’t come as a surprise; German Shepherds have a unique head. Thus it would take adjusting on your part to make the collar fit.

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Choosing The Right Collar For German Shepherds

If you want to pick the right kind of collar for your German Shepherd, you should take some of the features of the German shepherd into consideration.

Some of which include its unique head shape and its strength. So when you want to buy a collar for your German Shepherd, these few things should come to mind.

Here are some other things to look out for as well.

First things first, before you get a collar for your German Shepherd, you will have to measure the neck of the dog. Measuring will start from the neck, halfway, from the back of the GSD’s head to the shoulder top. When you’ve made your measurement, it is good that you add an extra inch to the measurement.

The standard size of a German shepherd’s collar you’ll find is between 18inch to 24inch. But you have to get the proper size; if it is too big, then the dog will be able to slip out of the collar. Too tight and you might end up choking the dog. What you do is to apply the thumb rule when putting the collar on the dog.

Ensure that you can fit two fingers into the dog’s collar when you have put the collar over it. This way the dog won’t get choked, as it is not too tight, and it won’t slip out, as the collar is its’ perfect fit.

Always make sure that the collar rest in the middle of the dog’s neck. The top neck is sensitive, and anything higher than that would mean trouble to the dog’s head and spine.

Collar Material To Look Out For

The German shepherd is strong dogs, so the material of the collar matters a lot. Nylon is the commonest material you can find, because of their durability and affordability. It is also water-resistant, and can blend perfectly, into any season and location you find yourself.

You can get this collar in several beautiful colors (this is dependent on the brand), but if you find a nylon collar, then you should take it.

Leather collars are also recommended for you as well. But the quality of leather collars differs, and you may end up getting something that is not good enough.

For instance, there are some fake and chemically treated leather collars out there. It may irritate the skin of the pup, or even the adult dog when worn over time.

The leather is also costly, and to get a good one would mean more money. But you can also get a good one at a pretty affordable rate.

And by the good leather collar, I mean, strong and durable leather collar. Unlike the nylon collar, a leather collar that is of good quality is not always beautiful. It is plain and strong, but it gets the job done.

You could also try using the metal and chain collar, for those who want their dogs to look big and scary. Most of the time, you’ll find that professional trainers are ones that use the metal collar. And they are used on dogs that are very big and strong. These kinds of collars are used on dogs that have behavioral issues and need to be trained in a certain way.

Do not wear the dog the metal collar for an extended period (even for one day straight), without supervision. Unless you want your dog to be reactive to it.

You can’t get a quality metal collar anywhere at a low price, because, it is made from tough materials that are hard to come by.

You could also try out the cotton collars. They are perfect for your dog, and they can fit at the middle of the neck. The only downside to using this collar is that it is not durable, and it is used on smaller dogs.


The Collar And The Harness

They might both be used for the same thing, but the difference lies in the condition of the dog.

Collars like the nylon or the leather (and sometimes even the cotton collar) collars are ideal for German Shepherd dogs that do not have problems breathing. Not hyperactive and are generally not disobedient.

You can also try using reflective collars, that are like standard collars. The only difference is that you can see this beautiful collar when walking the dog.

Choker chains could also be used on the dog (that are disobedient). But it is not always advisable to use this unless of course, you are a dog trainer.

Harness, on the other hand, is good for a German Shepherd dog, who have some throat or respiratory problem. The reason you need to use a harness instead of a collar is so that you don’t cause discomfort to your dog’s throat.

Standard harness size is different from a standard collar. You would measure the girth of the dog (that is the widest area of the rib cage), to get the exact size of the harness to get your dog.

The ideal thing to do is usually to buy a collar and a harness. You could use the two interchangeably.


Best Collar for German Shepherd Reviews

Best Collar for German Shepherd


Editor Review 1

[amazon box=”B000LQ2FK6″ title=”1. Mendota Products Dog Slip Lead”]

Made with a multifilament braided polypropylene, this leash is one of the most durable leashes on the market. You can wash the leash in a washing machine, without fear of wear and tear. Because it is waterproof, it doesn’t get all soggy when left under the rain or in water.

This 4-foot leash is recommended for a strong and aggressive dog, to keep them under control. And for dogs that weigh from 50-250 pounds.

The leash has beautiful design both in looks and in comfort. Its design allows you to put the leash on the dog and walk it, without any hassle.

It is a good leash for training your dogThis leash is only narrowed down to aggressive and big dogs
You can easily learn how to use this leash
This leash is very durable and can last a long while
It is a handmade product

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Editor Review 2

[amazon box=”B00HRQB1GC” title=”2. Blueberry Pet Classic Solid Color Dog Collar”]

A solid color collar that helps to keep your dog in place is a good recommendation for big dogs like the German shepherd. It is preferable to use this collar, in the warm season, but you could still use this collar every other day. This collar is elegant, simple, yet very durable, and lasts long.

This French collar comes in other fun colors for those who may want to show off the unique style of the dog (year in, year out). It comes with d-rings and heavy-duty buckles, that is used to adjust and fasten the allowance (or space) on the dog’s neck.

Pretty impressive right!

You can get the belt in different beautiful colorsYou cannot leave the collar on the dog unattended
You can adjust the collar for the space around the dog’s neck
It is made with nylon fabric, meaning it is affordable and lasts long

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Editor Review 3

[amazon box=”B002DXCQ18″ title=”3. ROGZ Utility Extra Large 1-Inch Reflective Lumberjack Dog Collar”]

This durable nylon dog collar is yet another product you can try out. The making of this collar, together with the fabric used to make it is what gives it that durability and long-lasting feature.

The collar has the side release design so that the dog doesn’t slip out of the collar.

This beautiful and functional collar comes in other sizes too. Meaning you can use this collar for adult and puppy German shepherd alike. This hard but cool collar is a straight-forward collar. It has reflective features and allows you to pinpoint its location even at night.

Its side releases prevent the accidental release of your dogThis kind of collar is only suitable for big dogs
It is woven with high-quality reflective thread that makes it durable
The reflective thread allows you to be able to use the collar at night
It has rubber components that enhance the comfort of the collar

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Editor Review 4

[amazon box=”B01N5MQ2E8″ title=”4. Mighty Paw Martingale Collar”]

This chain collar brings out the gangster in your dog. This very durable and solid collar is exactly what you would need when your training a dog.

You can also use this collar domestically, and by that, I mean, for going on walks and hikes. It can be challenging training a stubborn dog, but with this collar, you can get the dog under control.

The dog collar (chain) is constructed with high-quality nylon (that is waterproof), and an iron chain (made with 100% iron). And this combined material makes the chain durable, beautiful, and gives it, its functionality.

This collar combines two materials for added durability It is recommended for and used mostly by dog trainers
The collar is also gorgeous
This collar is a standard collar that you can use for your German Shepherd
Its reflective stitches make its stand out at night

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Editor Review 5

[amazon box=”B01N5MQ2E8″ title=”5. Olivery Heavy Duty Dog Martingale Braided Collar “]

One of the many good things about this collar is that it comes in many colors. Making it a beautiful collar you can use for your large dogs.

This collar is excellent for those who like to take their dogs on exercise and want to keep them on a close leash.

The make of this collar does not hurt the neck of the dog, because it has a grip feature that allows to you lead the dog without choking it.

This collar is braided out of 8 nylon thread, ensuring that it remains durable and beautiful, while retaining its functionality. The stainless steel extension on the collar allows the owner to adjust the leash so the dog can move freely.

It has a 360® rotating feature that prevents the leash from twistingOnly large dogs can use this leash
It has a lifetime warranty for buyers
It is made with high-quality material that makes it last longer
The metal extension gives the dog more control

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Final Words On Best Collar for German Shepherd

Getting the right collar for your dog should not be a hard task. All you have to do is to know what is good for your dog, what can serve its function, and still have that beauty, with the greatest comfort and least pain.

Dog collars are good when they are durable, and don’t cause any form of reaction to your dog, (like the chemically treated leather collar).

Our favorite dog collar/leash is the [amazon link=”B000LQ2FK6″ title=”Mendota Products Dog Slip Lead” /] collar. It is easy to use, it doesn’t hurt the dog, the material used to make it is durable and beautiful and it is perfect for those who have plans for training their dog. It has an adjustable feature that allows it to fit the dogs’ neck perfectly.

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