Hi there, my name is Bhuboy De Leon and I am a Filipino who has been traveling all my, we all do! But most of my life, like everyone else, I have a day job, and could only travel officially on weekends and on my holidays from my work abroad. I am an OFW.

I know how it feels to work hard and look forward to spending limited time and money on travel and photography.

How I Create Content

All the content you will find on this site has been planned and edited by me to ensure we meet the highest quality standards. I do tend to use freelance writers to help me putting articles together but nothing is put online without a green light from me, the chief editor. This is to ensure all information we publish is accurate and you can trust it to make trips and purchase decisions.

When I was starting out, I made a lot of mistakes. I got lost all the time, there are times I got scammed and ended up spending more than I should.

I created this site to accomplish three things:

(1) document my travels mostly through photographs, and
(2) provide travel tips
(3) inspire others to travel